Temporary baggage storage service at the five of the VIP Lounges!


HEISEI ENTERPRISE,Inc provides temporary baggage storage service on the day at 5 stores of VIP Lounge and 3 stores of Hostel WASABI.

Storage target Lounge

Receiving / Pick up

Tokyo VIP Lounge9:00~20:00
Kyoto VIP Lounge9:00~11:0011:00~13:00 Close13:00~20:00
Osaka VIP Lounge9:00~11:0011:00~13:00 Close13:00~20:00
VIP Villa Namba9:00~11:0011:00~13:00 Close13:00~20:00
Nagoya VIP Lounge8:00~9:009:00~12:00 Close12:00~20:00
Minsyuku Koshiyama 10:00~18:00
HOSTEL WASABI Nagoya Ekimae 7:00~22:00
Cafe & Hostel Kimi to Ichigo 7:00~22:00


  • Per piece 660yen

    (1)length(2)width(3)height = within200cm
    weight = within25kg
  • Baggage size

Baggage we can keep

  • Traveling bag
  • Suit case
  • Boston bag
  • other baggage you can carry


  • You can pick up your baggage the day after or even later. If receiving time was after P.M 8:00, you should pick it up after A.M 9:00 the next day. An extra 660 yen per day is charged.
  • We can not keep baggage whose total length (length + width + height)is over 200cm or weight over 25Kg.
  • We also can not keep a precision instrument(PC etc.), Valuables, animal, dirty thing, stinking thing, harmful thing, and other things that staff doesn't think is safe.
  • Please note we take no responsibility is the following case, in case you lost your receipt given when we keep your baggage.
  • We take no responsibility about a flaw or damage of your baggage.
  • For compensation of damages, we should pay actual expenses maximum 10,000 yen per baggage.
  • If you don’t come to receive your baggage in 30 days after the start date of keeping ,we dispose of it.
  • Disposal cost applies to keeping fee or other fees.