Nail Salon Lupinus


For the customer who used VIP liner official site to reserve the Bus, can have a nail service using nail friendly Japanese gel nail and treatment by the qualified manicurist with only from 500 yen. Even if it is your first time, there is no worry as you can decide what kind of nail you want with consult.

What’s "Gel nails"?

"Gel nail", is a thickened like syrup material called "gel" placed on a nail, and make it harden in a dedicated light. Less likely to float because the adhesion between the nails is high, make a nail a sense of transparency and shine, last longer than nail polish, you can touch soon because time is not necessary to dry. It will last two to four weeks once it is put on, but there is a tendency easily peeled off by the living environment, such as those who are doing the wet work. Since it cannot be taken off with the polish remover for manicure, you need to drop by the nail salon to use a dedicated solution.

If you have gel nails!

Since there is no worry that it will come off like a manicure, also long-lasting beautiful nail during the trip you can have. Clean and trimmed up to the fingertips, and go traveling in the VIP liner!

Not just gel nails!

If you cannot have gel nail because of your job, etc. also, we carry out nail care. Performs the processing of the cuticles, trimmed of length, by polishing the surface, high impression in job hunting! Also nail care is possible treatment for man without hesitation.


Osaka shop

Nagoya shop

Course fee


Clear only (60min) 3,000 yen

Basic Course (60min)【One color, Color gradation, Lame gradation, Deformated French】 4,000 yen

Simple Course (90min)【both hands, 2 nail arts】 *inckudes simple stone all coated arts depending on the salon 5,000 yen

Art Course (120min) 【both hands 4 nail arts】 *inckudes simple stone all coated arts depending on the salon 6,500 yen

As much as you like (150min)【10 nail arts】 *max 4 all stone coated arts 8,000 yen

*There is a different price for 10 nails handwriting art. Please call the salon for more information.
* We might not be able to attend depending on reservation states.


One color (60,im) 5,000 yen

Thumb art course (90min) 6,500 yen

As much as you like (150min) 8,000 yen


Manicure (10 nails) 1,000 yen~

Add color (1 color) 300 yen

Repair (1 nails) 400 yen

Long (1nails) 500 yen

Hard gel coat/ Mat coat 500 yen

Keratin care (30min) 1,000 yen


Hand care course (60min)【Nail cut, cuticle care, puffing】 3,500 yen

Nail cut 1,000 yen

Cuticle care 1,000 yen

Puffing 1,500 yen

Foot care only (60,im) 【Nail cut, cuticle care, puffinf】 3,500 yen

Foot care course (60min) 【Nail cut, cuticle caret, puffing】 4,000 yen

【Gel off (replacement+30min)】

First time replacement off 0 yen

Off of gel done in our salon ※within 1 month from the last treatment 0 yen

Off of gel done in our salon 【10 nails】*after 1 month from the last treatment 500 yen

Off of gel done in other salons 【10 nails】 1,000 yen

Gel off only(treatment done in our salon) 【10 nails】 1,000 yen

Gel off only(soft gel, hard gel, skalp treatment did in other salons) 【10 nails】 3,000 yen


Scalp 【10 nails】 6,000 yen

※except for clear, +in each course charge

Gel scalp 【10 nails】 6,000 yen

※except for clear -3,000 yen from each course charge

【Jel Polish】

Jel Polish is mixed Jel polish and Manicure. Its ultra right
Jel polishes get dried quicker than polishes, Gel polish lasts longer than polishes
It is recommended for those who do not have time and who want to enjoy nails only on special days, who started gel nail.


One color, Lame gradation, (No base color), Clear (30mins) 2,000 yen

Base color + Lame gradation (30mins~40mins) 2,500 yen


One color, Lame gradation, (No base color), Clear (30mins) 3,000 yen

include foot bath

Base color + Lame gradation (30mins~40mins) 3,500 yen

※free up to 2 color. +300yen per color from the third color
※No rhinestone,No hologram,No flat art,No sticker,No extend the length
※Depending on how you keep it (Basically 2weeks)

【Fill in】 Clear (30min)/ color, change of design (1~1.5hour)

Within 2 weeks -1,000 yen

Within 3 weeks -500 yen

*Off charge not included
*There are limits on the designs and colors
*Depending on how loose it is might have to take it off


Gel nail (hand, foot) each course+1,000 yen

Keratin care (60min)【Foot bath, keratin removal, massage】 5,000 yen

Hand care (60min)【Nail cut, cuticle care, pussing】 5,000 yen

We will be charging 50% of the reserved menu price in case of cancel without notice or cancel on the appointed day.